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Тех поддержка расширений для организации складов и поставщиков

Technical support for warehouse and supplier organization extensions

Section Rules

Communicate with people on the forum the way you would talk to them in real life. In everyday communication, we demonstrate good breeding, sedateness and solidity. Take an example from yourself and in virtual communication.

Remember, you are on a thematic forum, try to be guided by the norms of behavior that are accepted in the business environment. Send simple and clear messages that are understandable to all participants of the dialogue. Stick to the topic topic and ask questions about the case.

Do not be afraid to be friendly and sociable, use the opportunities of an informal environment, speak kindly and calmly. You can influence the environment and people, thereby creating a pleasant atmosphere on the forum.

If you do not like the interlocutors in the topic of communication or the situation that has developed in it, you should not write messages incriminating people who do not suit you. Each of you can just leave the topic and eliminate troubles from your life.

What should be avoided:

  • non-normative vocabulary is taboo in the vast majority of forums and this one is no exception,
  • insults - remember that every word can be used against you,
  • threats - and such messages are prosecuted by law!

Guided by these simple rules, you will be able to avoid senseless disagreements and achieve constructive communication, as well as a speedy solution to your question or problem.

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